Humans of Strat Comm: Mary Jane Rogers

Columbia, Mo. (April 10, 2017) — Mary Jane “MJ” Rogers has refused to be put in a box since the age of three. When MJ lost her hearing due to bacterial meningitis at the age of three years old, doctors told her that she would likely have a fourth-grade reading level as an adult. Instead … Continued

Alumni Profile: Sarah D’Amico

Columbia, Mo. (March 6, 2017) — Sarah D’Amico has had a passion for helping children for as long as she can remember, so of course, she naturally fit right in at Make-A-Wish. As a digital content coordinator for Make-A-Wish Illinois, Sarah helps forward the foundation’s mission of providing wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. … Continued

Alumni Profile: Jessica Stroder

Columbia, Mo. (Jan. 26, 2017) — It’s only natural to question yourself when facing a daunting challenge. However, it’s how you respond to that challenge that determines your fate. Jessica Stroder felt this when she was first hired as a partner manager at Facebook. Even though she had already worked at Ketchum, Influence and Co. … Continued

Humans of Strat Comm: Faith Vickery

Columbia, Mo. (Dec. 12, 2016) — Being open-minded has led senior Faith Vickery to a lot of her college adventures and career successes. During Faith’s sophomore year at Mizzou, she learned about UNICEF, an organization that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing nations. She also learned that there was no … Continued

Humans of Strat Comm: Seinga Macauley

Columbia, Mo. (Nov. 20, 2016) — Usually, when a student pulls an all-nighter, it’s because of a big exam or paper that’s due in a class. However, for Seinga Macauley, it was part of her summer job. This summer, Seinga worked as an art director for the Marcus Graham Project (MGP) in Dallas. MGP is … Continued

Alumni Profile: Jody Peterson

Columbia, Mo. (Nov. 5, 2016) — In future interviews, Jody Peterson will be able to say that she traveled the country in a giant peanut. How cool is that? Jody is a Peanutter. You know…one of those awesome, cool and outgoing people that drive across the country in the 26-foot long Nutmobile. Jody along with … Continued

Humans of Strat Comm: Jalen Mosby

Columbia, Mo. (Oct. 25, 2016) — Jalen Mosby is an unabashed family guy. He loves his home in St. Louis and getting to spend quality time with his mom who is also his best friend. But this summer, when he got the call from MAIP, they made an offer to leave home that even he … Continued

Humans of Strat Comm: Erin Ceaser

Columbia, Mo. (Oct. 18, 2016) — In 2008, Erin Ceaser joined Amazon Prime. That began a love affair with the company that went from simple online shopping to a public relations internship in Los Angeles and culminating in a full-time job with Amazon upon graduation. So how did this strategic communication senior become part of … Continued

Humans of Strat Comm: Devan Collins

Columbia, Mo. (Oct. 12, 2016) — Devan Collins has been a Kansas City Royals fan for as long as she can remember. “I specifically remember when I was five and had lost my first tooth, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat a hot dog with cheese at the Royals game because … Continued