School Expands Summer Course Offerings

Columbia, Mo. (May 5, 2004) — The Missouri School of Journalism is expanding the number of required courses it offers during the summer semester.

Brian Brooks
Brian Brooks

Students entering the School now can enroll in Cross-Cultural Journalism and Principles of American Journalism. Cross-Cultural Journalism teaches students how to be an effective journalist in a multicultural world. The Principles course acquaints students with the concepts and functions of journalism in American society and explores the underlying principles of journalism and other social institutions and values.

Upper-level journalism students can enroll in a newsroom course associated with the School’s community newspaper, television, online and radio media outlets.

“Students have asked for more of our core courses to be available in the summer, and we are responding to that request,” said Brian S. Brooks, associate dean for undergraduate studies.

Information about summer semester courses, calendar, fees and registration, and other resources is available at Mizzou Summer Sessions .

Updated: March 16, 2020

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