Missouri Journalism Students Win 11 Awards in National College News Design Contest

Students Earn First in ‘Breaking News’ and ‘Multipage Feature’ Categories

Columbia, Mo. (April 24, 2014) — Missouri School of Journalism students won 11 awards in seven categories in the annual College News Design Contest, co-sponsored by the Society of News Design.

Field Notes from Missouri
“Field Notes from Missouri,” designed by Raquel Mendez for Vox Magazine, won third place in the Multipage Feature and Illustration categories.

The awards recognize the best design work done by students at campus publications or during internships. There were a total of 383 entries: 303 print, 64 digital and 16 for student designer of the year.

“It was wonderful to see students from both the Missourian and Vox newsrooms rewarded for their hard work,” said Erica Mendez Babcock, an assistant professor and print design editor at the Columbia Missourian. “From breaking news to feature design, the judges had high praise on the quality of work produced.”

Raquel Mendez took second place in the “Student Designer of the Year” category. The judges commented, “Rich storytelling with illustrative capability. Very adept at telling stories with photographs. Goes from a serious realm to a whimsical realm with illustrations that work with both. She made the Summer Preview pages very fun to look at – it all fits together.”

The complete list of the Missouri School of Journalism winners is as follows:

Student Designer of the Year

  • Second Place: Raquel Mendez.
Freedom Pending
“Freedom Pending,” designed by Raquel Mendez for the Columbia Missourian, won first place in the Breaking News category.

Breaking News

  • First Place: Raquel Mendez, “Freedom Pending,” Columbia Missourian. The judges said about Mendez’s entry: “This is phenomenal. The inside spread put it over the top for me. The story was completely told and what’s important about his case and how we got here. The primer piece was very elevated.”

Multipage Feature

  • First Place: Skyler Still, “The Collectors,” Vox Magazine. The judges said about Still’s entry: “It’s cluttered but it makes sense. It’s fun. They had a concept with the photo illustrations, and they pulled it off. They had the right tone. It was organized chaos. The environmental portraits are just brilliant. The designer had to produce two covers, and both are great.”
  • Second Place: Breanna Dumbacher, “Life After Addiction,” Vox Magazine.
  • Third Place: Raquel Mendez, “Field Notes from Missouri,” Vox Magazine.


  • Third Place: Raquel Mendez, “Field Notes from Missouri,” Vox Magazine.

Photo Story Design

  • Third Place: Wade Rupard, “True Faces at True/False,” Columbia Missourian.

Special Section Cover

  • Honorable Mention: Breanna Dumbacher, “Addiction: A Love Story,” Vox Magazine.

Sports Design

  • Honorable Mention: Gregory Cornfield, “Bitter/Sweet,” Columbia Missourian.

Multipage Story Package News/Sports

  • Honorable Mention: Gwen Girsdansky, “A Devoted Chancellor,” Columbia Missourian.
  • Honorable Mention: Gwen Girsdansky and Gregory Cornfield, “Respect,” “Bitter/Sweet,” and “Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks,” Columbia Missourian.

Updated: July 24, 2020

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