STRANjERS: Eva López

Eva López
Eva López

It’s smart, passionate, resilient, quirky and creative people who make the Missouri School of Journalism so special. Meet them in “STRANjERS.”

Eva López

  • Anticipated Graduation: Bachelor’s Degree, May 2016
  • Emphasis: Strategic Communication
  • Hometown: Chicago

“I don’t really get advice that often, but I learn a lot from my mom and grandpa. With my family, hard work is stressed like no other. So is being able to be independent and do things for yourself. My mom was 19 when she got pregnant with me. She graduated college, she has her master’s and she’s a high school dean now. So looking at everything she accomplished and went through, it makes me think twice about complaining about things.”

Read about Eva’s J-School accomplishments: “Starcom Recognizes Work of Its Missouri Journalism Summer Interns

Updated: September 22, 2020

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