Nischelle Turner

Nischelle Turner, BJ ’98, has stood in the reporting field, anchored the news desk, roamed the sidelines and commanded the red carpet. Nearly 20 years into her career, the small-town girl rooted within the esteemed correspondent still admits to brief moments where she feels starry-eyed, taking it all in. It is not constellations that blind … Continued

Jeanette Kozlowski

Jeanette Kozlowski, BJ ’06, MA ’07, is fascinated with the digital landscape and new emerging platforms. After working in the digital space for more than 10 years, Kozlowski understands the importance of both data-driven strategies and engaging content. Her ability to create strong content is one of the many skills she learned at the Missouri … Continued

Katie DeSplinter

Katie DeSplinter, BJ ’05, was fresh out of college when she decided to pack up her car and move from St. Charles, Missouri, to Los Angeles. Without an apartment or a single job interview lined up, DeSplinter drove 1,500 miles across the country simply to follow a dream. Her heart was set on a career … Continued

Amy Brachmann

Amy Brachmann, BJ ’10, MA ’11, was a week away from deadline when she realized that the story she was working on needed to change direction. As an associate editor at ESPN The Magazine, lots of stories came across Brachmann’s desk. But this one, a feature on Detroit Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler, posed a … Continued

Calvin Fussman

It was a hot August day in 1974 when a young man stepped out of a taxi and looked at a block of dormitories on the campus of the University of Missouri. Calvin “Cal” Fussman, BJ ’78, had just moved from Long Island, New York, to Columbia, Missouri, to become a journalist. With his hand-held luggage … Continued

Lori Berger

What do you do? I am the entertainment and special projects director for Hearst Magazines. As entertainment director, I put together celebrity covers for some of the Hearst magazines, which means projecting which celebrities will be hot – or not – since we work a good six months ahead of time. I also work on … Continued

Blake Kuhre

“Goood morning! It’s The Wakey Blakey Show!” From 2007-13, thousands of preteens across the United States got dressed for school, had breakfast and brushed their teeth while listening to The Wakey Blakey Show on Radio Disney. Hosted by Missouri School of Journalism graduate Blake Barrett Kuhre, BJ ’03, the show allowed children to connect with … Continued

Steve Lentz

What do you do? I report, write, produce and deliver projects for video and the Web. develops compelling B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) video content for diverse clients. It’s our responsibility to develop concepts, create and allocate budgets, cover events and produce videos on time and on budget. Our clients … Continued

Ann Friedman

By Elizabeth Gower About to graduate from the Missouri School of Journalism with a magazine journalism emphasis, Ann Friedman, BJ ’04, faced a fork in the road, unsure of which path to take. It was the early 2000s, and digital technologies were in their pioneer days. Not enough was known about these new tools to … Continued