Anne Schwartz

Apartment 213 seemed like most other apartments in Milwaukee: white brick, plain wood, cheap blinds. That is, except for the body parts inside. In July 1991, Anne Schwartz, BJ ’82, had been a part-time reporter at the Milwaukee Journal for three years when a police officer called her in the middle of the night with … Continued

Calvin Fussman

It was a hot August day in 1974 when a young man stepped out of a taxi and looked at a block of dormitories on the campus of the University of Missouri. Calvin “Cal” Fussman, BJ ’78, had just moved from Long Island, New York, to Columbia, Missouri, to become a journalist. With his hand-held luggage … Continued

Lori Berger

What do you do? I am the entertainment and special projects director for Hearst Magazines. As entertainment director, I put together celebrity covers for some of the Hearst magazines, which means projecting which celebrities will be hot – or not – since we work a good six months ahead of time. I also work on … Continued

Mark McIntosh

What do you do? I am a motivational speaker, author and community cause consultant. I am also the founder and CEO of Victory Productions. Our mission is to encourage others to achieve goals and overcome challenge. We focus our work on helping others effectively deal with change, challenge and adversity. Victory’s consulting focus is on … Continued

Tony Kontzer

What do you do? I’m a freelance writer and journalist. My focus is on information technology, and I write for a variety of publishers and corporations. How did you get your job? This is my second stint as a freelancer. The first was from 1996-2000. I had been working for a weekly business publication (the … Continued

Dan Pierce

In Detroit, Dan Pierce leads Fleishman-Hillard’s General Motors account as senior vice president. Photo courtesy of Dan Pierce.

Brent Toellner

After years of working in the advertising industry at agencies like Bernstein-Rein and Barkley, Brent Toellner, BJ ’95, did not expect his life to deviate from the ad business. That detour first began when a newfound passion for dogs prompted him to begin a side career in animal advocacy. “It was never on the radar … Continued

Heather Physioc

Heather Physioc, BJ ’08, spends her days ensuring things get discovered. As a specialist in search engine optimization, or SEO, her job is to help the Web content of her clients rise to the top of an Internet search results list. It is work she finds fulfilling not only because of the results it yields … Continued

Glen Callanan

Glen Callanan, BJ ’82, is the man behind the curtain: When he is doing his best work, the audience doesn’t even know he’s there. As the general manager of CBS 2 and Fox 28 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, his job is to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently regardless of what could go wrong in … Continued

Stephen Baer

Growing up in a military family, creative director Stephen Baer, BJ ’76, learned resilience and curiosity at a young age. These two traits, developed through the 22 moves his family made before he was 18, helped him adapt to new surroundings with ease. Tapping into the survival skills he learned early in life has come … Continued