Student Work Earns Second Place in National Press Photographers Association Quarterly Contest

"Pro-Life" Clip from Columbia Missourian
The clip, “Pro-Life,” received second-place in the National Press Photographers Association’s 2011 third quarter clip contest. The clip ran in the July 1, 2011, Columbia Missourian.

Columbia, Mo. (Feb. 8, 2012) — “Pro-Life,” a photo layout published in the Columbia Missourian, earned second-place in the National Press Photographers Association‘s (NPPA) “Best Use of Photography” 2010 third quarter competition. The contest is a quarterly contest where newspapers from around the nation submit clips to be judged by a panel of NPPA members.

“Pro-Life” placed behind a clip from The Virginian-Pilot and finished ahead of a clip from the Los Angeles Times. The judge’s comments about the clip stated: “We liked the dominant, simple but strong image, and use of white space on the page. The key boxes at the bottom are unobtrusive yet effective. The paper’s layout and picture edit give the story strong impact.”

Four Missouri School of Journalism students created the award-winning clip. Daniel Longar was the photographer; Mallory Redinger, designer; Clint Alwahab, the photo editor; and Katy Bergen, reporter. Brian Kratzer, the Missourian’s director of photography and assistant professor, oversaw the development of the page.

Kratzer said the purpose of the contest is to recognize individuals and publications that strive for photojournalism excellence. He described this particular photo selection as a risk.

Katy Bergen
Katy Bergen

“Any time there is a detailed shot and the person is not identified, it is unique and potentially a risk,” Kratzer said. “In this particular photo, the subject is not the person in the photo, it is about the concept of the movement.”

Kratzer credits the students for their vision.

“To get a page like this, it requires open communication between the photo editor and designer,” Kratzer said. “You don’t want limits. Everyone involved has to be creative and not afraid to voice their opinions.”

Updated: June 5, 2020

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