Missouri Journalism Students, Faculty, Alumni to Present 12 Papers, Lead Panel Discussions at 2010 ICA Conference in Singapore

International Communication Association
International Communication Association

Columbia, Mo. (June 7, 2010) — A dozen papers written or co-authored by Missouri School of Journalism faculty, students and alumni will be presented at the International Communication Association‘s 60th annual conference on June 22-26 in Singapore. ICA is a global network of scholars with the mutual aim of producing and sharing research worldwide.

Papers this year covered a wide swath of subjects, including health communication, crisis management, blogging, international journalism and media literacy and credibility. The range of studies conducted by Missouri journalism faculty, students and alumni reflects their commitment to glean new insights as to how mass media and strategic communication influence our lives.

Several papers studied global issues. Doctoral students Anastasia Kononova and Saleem Alhabash worked with Wayne Wanta (Oklahoma State University) for their paper on agenda-setting by the U.S. media during coverage of the 2008 Russian presidential election. Kononova and Alhabash also teamed with Associate Professor Fritz Cropp for a paper on how international stories affect the images of foreign nations.

Saleem Alhabash Elizabeth Gardner Mi Rosie Jahng Yan Jin Hyo Jung Kim Anastasia Kononova
Jeremy Littau Hans Karl Meyer Augustine Pang Mark Poepsel Miglena Sternadori Wayne Wanta

Top row, from left: Saleem Alhabash, Elizabeth Gardner, Mi Rosie Jahng, Yan Jin, Hyo Jung Kim, Anastasia Kononova. Second row: Jeremy Littau, Hans Karl Meyer, Augustine Pang, Mark Poepsel, Miglena Sternadori, Wayne Wanta.

In addition, doctoral student Hyo Jung Park and Yongick Jeong (Louisiana State University) had a paper accepted that details political, cultural and socioeconomic forces that create global public interests on the Internet. Doctoral student You Li solo-authored a paper on the media’s ability to affect social change during the Great Depression.

Two papers tackled issues surrounding blogs. Associate Professor Margaret Duffy, Associate Dean Esther Thorson and doctoral student Mi Rosie Jahng compared traditional news websites to blogs and citizen news sites. Meanwhile, visiting research scholar Nohil Park worked with doctoral student Ji Yeon Jeong and Jung Ho Han, MA ’84, PhD ’87, (Yonsei University, Korea) to examine how blog posts relate to issue involvement and civic participation.

Thorson also united with Jahng to gauge new venues of media use in terms of political knowledge and socialization among youth. The paper’s other co-authors include doctoral students Hyun Jee Oh and Elizabeth Gardner as well as Hans Meyer, MA ’06, PhD ’09, (Ohio University) and Jeremy Littau, MA ’07, PhD ’09, (Lehigh University). Assistant Professor Kevin Wise researched how “burying” the news lead can affect cognitive processing. His co-author was Miglena Sternadori, MA ’05, PhD ’08, (University of South Dakota).

In the realm of public relations, Professor Glen Cameron co-authored two papers. For the first, he teamed with Yan Jin, MA ’02, PhD ’05, (Virginia Commonwealth) to determine how emotion factors in to crisis communication and conflict management. For the second, Cameron explored strategies of engaging publics during crises, again with help from Jin as well as Augustine Pang, PhD ’06, (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore). Cameron also will participate in a panel discussion themed around using research agendas to improve crisis communication. Associate Professor Stephanie Craft will participate in two panel discussions geared toward ICA conference orientation, planning and training.

Another paper addressed whether knowledge of media ownership can increase skepticism and affect credibility in the minds of news consumers, thanks to the combined work of doctoral students Erin Willis, Seth Ashley and Mark Poepsel. Willis also co-authored a paper with Hyo Jung Kim, PhD ’10, (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) in which they used interviews to better understand social support and managing uncertainties for people with diabetes.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., ICA maintains a membership of more than 4,300 scholars throughout 70 countries. Since 2003, the United Nations has officially recognized the ICA as a non-governmental organization.

Missouri School of Journalism ICA Paper Presentations

  • “Effects of International Stories, Previous Knowledge, and Credibility on Images of Foreign Nations: An Image Theory Perspective” Anastasia Kononova, doctoral student; Saleem Alhabash, doctoral student; Fritz Cropp, associate professor.
  • “Blog Posting, Issue Involvement, and Civic Participation” Nohil Park, visiting research scholar; Ji Yeon Jeong, doctoral student; Jung Ho Han, Yonsei University, Korea.
  • “The Role of Two New Measures of Media Use in Political Socialization Responses on Youth” Esther Thorson, associate dean; Hyun Jee Oh, doctoral student; Mi Rosie Jahng, doctoral student; Elizabeth Gardner, doctoral student; Hans Meyer, Ohio University; Jeremy Littau, Lehigh University.
  • “Comparing Legacy News Sites With Citizen News and Blog Sites: Where’s the Best Journalism?” Margaret Duffy, associate professor and strategic communication chair; Esther Thorson, associate dean; Mi Rosie Jahng, doctoral student.
  • “The 2008 Russian Presidential Election Offers New Attributes: A First- and Second-Level Agenda-Setting Analysis of the U.S. Media Coverage” Anastasia Kononova, doctoral student; Saleem Alhabash, doctoral student; Wayne Wanta, Oklahoma State University.
  • “Media Literacy and News Credibility: Does Knowledge of Media Ownership Increase Skepticism in News Consumers?” Seth Ashley, doctoral student; Mark Anthony Poepsel, doctoral student; Erin Willis, doctoral student.
  • “The Media as a Conflict Resolution Mediator During Social Change: Fortune’s Ideational Shift on Labor Issues During the Great Depression” You Li, doctoral student.
  • “Computer-Mediated Social Support and Uncertainty Management for People Living With Diabetes: An In-Depth Interview Study” Hyo Jung Kim, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Erin Willis, doctoral student.
  • “Effects of ‘Burying’ the News Lead: How ‘Macroproposition’ Placement Influences Cognitive Resource Allocation In Reading of Paced Text” Kevin Wise, assistant professor; Miglena Sternadori, University of South Dakota.
  • “Organizational Strategies to Engage Publics’ Emotions in Multistaged Testing of the Integrated Crisis Mapping Model” Glen Cameron, professor; Augustine Pang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Yan Jin, Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • “The Role of Emotion in Crisis Communication and Strategic Conflict Management” Glen Cameron, professor; Yan Jin, Virginia Commonwealth.
  • “The Influence of Political, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Superstructures on Forming Global Public Interests on the Internet” Hyo Jung Park, doctoral student; Yongick Jeong, Louisiana State University.

Additional Faculty/Student Participation in the ICA Paper Sessions

Session Participants:

  • Glen Cameron
  • Stephanie Craft

Updated: May 12, 2020

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