Missouri School of Journalism Scholars to Participate in Global Research Conference

Faculty, Students and Alumni to Present 23 Papers, Lead Two Sessions

Columbia, Mo. (May 16, 2012) — The Missouri School of Journalism scholars will join those from more than 60 counties and the top universities in the world at the upcoming International Communication Association meeting in Phoenix.

Faculty, students and alumni will present 23 conference papers and panel presentations to support this year’s theme of “Communication and Community.”

ICA is one of the leading academic associations for mass media and communication researchers. With its 4,400 members and 25 different divisions and interest groups, ICA facilitates the exploration and sharing of ideas as well as a network of connections among scholars in the field.

Patrick Ferrucci Brian Heffernan Lea Hellmueller Rebecca Johnson You Li Erin Schauster Edson C. Tandoc Jr. Joseph Yerardi

From left: Patrick Ferrucci, Brian Heffernan, Lea Hellmueller, Rebecca Johnson, You Li, Erin Schauster, Edson C. Tandoc Jr., Joseph Yerardi.

Acceptance of ICA research papers is highly competitive. Here are the papers that excelled in the competition:

Communication and Context: Medium, Message, Source, and Receiver Characteristics

    • I “Might” Want Your Sex! The Impact of Model Gender on Females’ Processing of Sexually Objectifying Video Ads. Paul Bolls and Dawn Schillinger, journalism undergraduate student.

Interpersonal Communication, International Connections, and Culture

    • The Complex Road to Happiness: The Influence of Human Development, a Healthy Environment and a Free Press. Edson C. Tandoc Jr., journalism doctoral student, and Bruno Takahashi, State University of New York.

Feminist Scholarship

    • Whose Man at His Best? A Comparative Study of Masculine Ideals in Esquire Middle East and the American Esquire. Brian Heffernan, BJ ’08, MA ’10, and Amanda Hinnant.
International Communication Association
International Communication Association

Games for Entertainment and Serious Purposes

    • Playing Their Game: Changing American Students’ Evaluations of Palestinians and Israelis Through Video Game Play. Kevin Wise and Saleem Alhabash, MA ’08, PhD ’11, now at Michigan State.

Health Communication

    • Social Media Messages about Dog Ownership among Families of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Glen T. Cameron, Rebecca Johnson, MU veterinary medicine; Hyojung Park, PhD ’11; Micah Mazurek, MU health psychology; Steven Osterlind, MU education; Gretchen Carlisle, nursing doctoral student; and Charlotte McKenney, MU veterinary medicine.

Dynamics of Political Knowledge

    • Measurement of Political Knowledge in American Adolescents. Seoyeon Kim, journalism master’s student; Esther Thorson; and Joonghwa Lee, journalism doctoral student.

Gender Politics From Ads to Aesthletics in Contemporary Popular Culture

    • It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Ad World: A Feminist Critique of Mad Men. Patrick Ferrucci, Heather Shoenberger and Erin Schauster, all journalism doctoral students.

Information Systems

    • Exploring Defensive Processing of Suicide Narratives in Entertainment Programming. Anthony Almond, journalism master’s student.

Journalism Practice and Content in Global Context

    • Disillusioned Working Abroad? U.S. and Foreign Correspondents’ Illusion of Professional Freedom. Lea Hellmueller, Fulbright Scholar at Missouri.

Journalism Studies Division

    • Geographic Dissonance in Media Issue Framing: A Content Analysis on Wisconsin Protests. Fei Qiao and Yan Lu, both journalism master’s students, and Joseph Yerardi, MA ’12.
Brian Heffernan: 2012 ICA Best Visual Display
Brian Heffernan’s poster won the Best Visual Display prize at a poster plenary session during the ICA convention. It was for a comparative study he coauthored with Amanda Hinnant on Esquire Middle East and the American Esquire.

Message Frames, Narratives, and Humor: Emerging Issues in Health Communication Scholarship

    • Utilizing Audiovisual and Gain Message Frames to Attenuate Psychological Reactance Towards Strategic Health Messages by Glen T. Cameron and Hyunmin Lee, PhD ’11, now at St. Louis University.

Methodological Innovations

    • Development of a Scale to Measure Individual Differences in Opportunistic Discovery of Information by Sanda Erdelez, MU information science and learning technology; Kevin Wise; and Yihsuan Chiang, Shih Hsin, Taiwan.

News and Health Information: Cognitive, Affective, and Contextual Features

    • How Health Journalists Evaluate, Use, and Locate Exemplars for Their News Stories by Amanda Hinnant, Maria E. Len-Rios and Rachel Young, MA ’01, journalism doctoral student.

News Media Use

    • Incidental Exposure to Online News among Rural Americans by Borchuluun Yadamsuren, MA ’01, journalism post-doctoral fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute; Sanda Erdelez, MU information science and learning technology; Joonghwa Lee, journalism doctoral student; and Esther Thorson.

New Media and Models for Understanding Content and Effects

    • Prediction of Newspaper Financial Performance from Differing Features of Online News Content by You Li, journalism doctoral student, and Esther Thorson.

Open-Source, News-Sharing, and Wikileaks: New Meanings for Transparency and Diffusion

    • Shifting Journalistic Capital? Transparency and Objectivity in the 21st Century by Lea Hellmueller, Fulbright Scholar at Missouri; Tim P. Vos; and Mark Poepsel, BJ ’02, PhD ’11, now at Loyola-New Orleans.

Professional Expertise and Subjective Emotionality in News Work

    • Mind the Gap: Between Journalistic Role Conception and Role Enactment by Edson C. Tandoc Jr., journalism doctoral student; Lea Hellmueller, Fulbright Scholar at Missouri; and Tim P. Vos.
    • What Does it Take? Compensational Capital, Professional Recognition, and Gender Disparities among Pulitzer Prize Winners, 1917-2010 by Yong Volz and Francis L. F. Lee, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The Public Relations Practitioner Experience

    • Transparent Leadership in Top Management Inspires Confident, Even Excellent, Public Relations Performance by Bokyung Kim and Eun Hae Park, both journalism doctoral students,  and Glen T. Cameron.

Race in Popular Discourse

    • A Black and White Game: Racial Stereotypes in Baseball by Patrick Ferrucci and Edson C. Tandoc Jr. (both journalism doctoral students); Chad Painter, MA ’09, journalism doctoral student; and Glenn Leshner.

Research in Advertising: Perceptions, Content, and Effects

    • The Yielding-Reactance Response Model and Youth Sensitivity to Ethically Problematic Commercials by Margaret Duffy, Esther Thorson, and Eunjin Kim, journalism doctoral student.

Self Presentation in Social Network Sites

    • Status Update: Understanding Facebook Use Through Explicit and Implicit Measures of Attitudes and Motivations by Heather Shoenberger and Edson C. Tandoc Jr., both journalism doctoral students.

Understanding Communication Through Physiological Responses

    • The Impact of Political Ideology and Motivational Activation on Processing Partisan Political Media Content by Anthony Almond, journalism master’s student; Paul Bolls; Kyungbo Kim, MU communication doctoral student; Jaime Williams, journalism undergraduate student; and Doug Davis, journalism master’s student.

Two Missouri journalism faculty members will chair sessions:

    • Stephanie Craft and Frank Esser, Zürich, Switzerland, for “Contemporary Dangers in Practicing Journalism.”
    • Tim P. Vos for “Theoretical Perspectives on Journalistic Autonomy and Power.”

Sarah Smith-Frigerio, senior academic adviser in the graduate studies office, contributed to this story.

Updated: June 8, 2020

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