Missouri School of Journalism Students to Write Editorials for the State’s Community Newspapers

Missouri Press Association Journalist's Creed Plaque
Missouri Press Association Journalist’s Creed Plaque

Columbia, Mo. (March 23, 2012) — Some Missouri School of Journalism students will write editorials for the state’s community newspapers through a partnership with the Missouri Press Association.

The 21 students in Associate Professor Clyde Bentley‘s editorial writing course will be paired with Missouri editors and publishers and asked to write a topic relevant to the paper’s locale.

The project is similar to what the students would get as part of an editorial board: an assigned opinion that is not necessarily their own but is written with their best persuasion skills.

“This assignment helps young journalists understand the challenges of community newspapering,” Bentley said.

Contact Bentley for more information.

Updated: June 5, 2020

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