Strategic Communication Professor Creates Board Game

Mark Swanson
Mark Swanson

Missouri School of Journalism strategic communication Associate Professor Mark Swanson loves board games, enough to create one of his own.

In a March 8 article, Columbia Missourian reporter Thomas Oide shares Swanson’s journey in creating Feudum. It’s a Euro-style fantasy-world game that relies less on luck and more on strategy and has multiple paths to victory. Feudum is meant for two to five players and takes roughly 80 to 180 minutes to play. The game’s premise is for players to facilitate the rotation of goods through six different guilds while competing for status within them.

Swanson teaches copywriting at the School. He thinks the experience he’s gaining in developing the physical properties of the game pieces to figuring out an international distribution system is information he can share with his students. [Read full article.]

Updated: October 13, 2020

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