Tanya Collins

Why did you choose the Missouri School of Journalism? I wanted to be a journalist when I graduated from high school in Japan. My dad said to choose the best school for journalism. That’s how I wound up at Mizzou. What was your first job, and how did you get it? I applied to three newspapers … Continued

Gary Burandt

Who do you feel has influenced the profession of advertising the most? It’s not a who. It is a group of people: David Ogilvy, Bill Burnbach, Leo Burnett, Ray Rubicam, Ed Ney, and Bill Marstellar. Is there a common characteristic that resonates with this group? They all had great respect for the consumer, and they … Continued

Jeff Buhai

Life is all about having fun and doing as many things as possible for Jeff Buhai, BJ ’69. He did not want to live with the regret of missing new professional opportunities or exploring uncharted territory. A born storyteller, Buhai began to chase his dream of becoming a journalist while attending a summer journalism program … Continued

William Brown

What do you do? Television play-by-play broadcaster for Houston Astros baseball games. How did you get your job? Interview process. What is the best professional lesson you learned at the J-School? Commitment to the craft and dedication to being thorough. What advice do you have for current students? Seek internships and networking. Seek people of … Continued

Fred Bleakley

Waitlisted by the Ivy League, nearly sidetracked by interfering deans and his own egregious spelling error did not halt Fred Bleakley’s ambition for a successful career in journalism. Determination, perhaps, is the key to his achievements. He has won prestigious awards, including the John Hancock Award for Excellence in Business Writing. He has held editorial … Continued

John Bick

What do you do? Presently retired after a career that included the St. Louis Suburban Journals and a long career in the local business newspaper realm. Was founding general manager of the St. Louis Business Journal in 1980, leading to a primary role in founding seven more business journals and the turnaround of three others. … Continued

Howard Alexander

What do you do? For the past five years I have been running a speakers’ bureau for a three-hospital medical center in Scottsdale, Ariz. I arrange for medical experts to discuss health and wellness topics with local civic groups. You might say I’m the “casting director” for the hospital system. How did you get your … Continued

Paul Welsh, BJ ’68

Paul Welsh, BJ ’68, has published a book, “The St. Bernard Principle: Why Specialists Are the Alpha Dogs in Business,” available through Amazon as well as independent booksellers.

Larry Moore, MA ’68

Larry Moore, MA ’68, was honored by readers of Kansas City Magazine as Best Kansas City News Anchor for 2011. 243,000 ballots were cast. The honor was presented at a gala on August 18. Moore is primary news anchor and editor of the 5, 6, and 10 p.m. weeknight news on KMBC-TV in Kansas City.