Larry E. Moore

Describe your TV station and what makes it interesting. Our station is a major ABC affiliate and most of the news that flows out of the Mid-West to the network comes through our facilities and personnel. For news, we consistently rank as the highest rated news viewership in the entire nation for ABC stations. Our … Continued

Judd McIlvain

An Early Start in Broadcasting Judd McIlvain, BJ ’65, has been in radio and TV for 45 years. He was first on TV when he was 12 years old and hosted a show called “Children’s Digest.” The show, sponsored by Blue Star Potato Chips of Chicago was 15 minutes long on WBLN-TV in Bloomington, Ill. … Continued

Richard Liefer

Learning the Nuts and Bolts Fresh off a 140-acre family farm in Red Bud, Ill., Richard Liefer arrived at Mizzou on a wave of baby boomers in 1964. Freshman enrollment soared, and campus dorms were so full, he was crowded into a two-person room with two other roommates. Mizzou was bigger and busier than his … Continued

Sandy Kornberg

What are you currently working on? I am concurrently involved in three on-going activities. First, for the past seven years, I have been involved with Global Advertising Strategies, a New York-based advertising agency, serving as an Advisory Board Member. Secondly, I am currently the World Treasurer of the International Advertising Association (IAA), and Acting Executive … Continued

Eloise Hatfield

What types of work have you done throughout your career and what do you enjoy the most? My first full-time job after graduating from Mizzou was working as a writer and editor for Campus Crusade for Christ at their former headquarters in San Bernardino, Calif. As a member of the publications department, I wrote articles … Continued

Nancy Simon Giges

What do you do? In the working world, I am drawing on a range of reporting, writing, editing, organizational and life experiences to help entities interact with their various constituencies in today’s very social-focused environment. At the same time, I must say that I still get satisfaction and joy in interviewing people and writing the … Continued

Martin Frost

What do you do in your job? I work in the D.C. office of Polsinelli Shughart’s Public Policy Group, a law firm based out of Kansas City, Missouri. I primarily work as a lobbyist providing strategic counsel to a number of clients. I am also a guest on MSNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg, and I recently wrote … Continued

Tom Frazee

What do you do? I am an executive communicator who provides advice, counsel and support to corporate clients in the U.S. and globally on all aspects of internal and external communications/public relations. This includes employee, shareholder and client/customer communications; local, regional, national and global media relations support; event oversight including video productions and presentations; roles … Continued

Eric Engberg

What do you do? Retired radio/TV correspondent, CBS News Washington Bureau. How did you get your job? I was working for a broadcasting company, Westinghouse, when it closed its Washington Bureau, laying off 12 people, as an economy measure. I sent letters, resumes and writing samples to all the networks. (There were then only three). … Continued

Ward Degler

The Early Years Ward Degler was born May 4, 1935, in the small town of Phillips, Wis. The country was in the depths of the Great Depression. His father, a forester from Indiana, earned about $60 per month as a superintendent for the Civilian Conservation Corps. The CCC, a public work-relief program for unemployed men, … Continued