Janet Shamlian

It’s 2013 and Janet Shamlian, BJ ’84, stands in front of a windowless plane in an aircraft hangar in New Mexico. The plane, the size of a semitruck, is fixed on blocks and bears the symbol of the United States Air Force. Shamlian is reporting about the controversial drone pilot training happening at Holloman Air … Continued

Glen Callanan

Glen Callanan, BJ ’82, is the man behind the curtain: When he is doing his best work, the audience doesn’t even know he’s there. As the general manager of CBS 2 and Fox 28 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, his job is to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently regardless of what could go wrong in … Continued

Blake Kuhre

“Goood morning! It’s The Wakey Blakey Show!” From 2007-13, thousands of preteens across the United States got dressed for school, had breakfast and brushed their teeth while listening to The Wakey Blakey Show on Radio Disney. Hosted by Missouri School of Journalism graduate Blake Barrett Kuhre, BJ ’03, the show allowed children to connect with … Continued

Steve Lentz

What do you do? I report, write, produce and deliver projects for video and the Web. LifeVideos.com develops compelling B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) video content for diverse clients. It’s our responsibility to develop concepts, create and allocate budgets, cover events and produce videos on time and on budget. Our clients … Continued

Mike Deeson

By Lauren Flaker Investigative reporting isn’t for everyone. The hours are long. There are constant barriers to information. Sources don’t always want to talk. Mike Deeson, BJ ’70, however, thrives on the excitement of these challenges. The investigative reporter for WTSP News in Tampa, Florida, approaches every story with the same vigor he did when … Continued

Larry Zimmer

By Christopher D. White After 56 years on the radio, sportscaster Larry Zimmer, BJ ’57, still loves the feeling of speaking to listeners through the radio waves. It is a medium that allows him to bring drama-filled public events to the homes of thousands of people. Zimmer’s understanding of the intimacy of radio broadcasts developed … Continued

Jana Shortal

No one knows more than Jana Shortal, BJ ’00, the value of having someone believe in you. From her days in the Missouri School of Journalism through critical turning points of her career as a broadcast journalist, various people have stepped in at different times to encourage and mentor her. Their efforts ultimately have shaped the trajectory of her life and career.

Vince Patton

What do you do? I spent 27 years in commercial TV news covering education, consumer, investigative, statehouse and environmental beats. During my final eight years I switched to public broadcasting for long-form TV news magazine reporting for Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Field Guide. At OPB I also reported for radio and the website. Nowhere else … Continued

Mark Greenblatt

What do you do, and what is most interesting about your job? I am an investigative reporter for the KHOU 11 News I-Team in Houston. Coming to work each day is an absolute thrill. It’s one of the only jobs around where you have a real chance to right wrongs and see an immediate, positive … Continued