Jody Feldman

The writing career of Jody Feldman, BJ ’78, was almost sidelined in seventh grade. When her teacher assigned her class to write about their summer vacations, Feldman made it a personal challenge to create an exciting story out of cultivating a backyard pumpkin plant. The teacher praised the essay and its creativity, but the high-achieving, … Continued

Dan Pierce

In Detroit, Dan Pierce leads Fleishman-Hillard’s General Motors account as senior vice president. Photo courtesy of Dan Pierce.

Brent Toellner

After years of working in the advertising industry at agencies like Bernstein-Rein and Barkley, Brent Toellner, BJ ’95, did not expect his life to deviate from the ad business. That detour first began when a newfound passion for dogs prompted him to begin a side career in animal advocacy. “It was never on the radar … Continued

Heather Physioc

Heather Physioc, BJ ’08, spends her days ensuring things get discovered. As a specialist in search engine optimization, or SEO, her job is to help the Web content of her clients rise to the top of an Internet search results list. It is work she finds fulfilling not only because of the results it yields … Continued

Stephen Baer

Growing up in a military family, creative director Stephen Baer, BJ ’76, learned resilience and curiosity at a young age. These two traits, developed through the 22 moves his family made before he was 18, helped him adapt to new surroundings with ease. Tapping into the survival skills he learned early in life has come … Continued

Brad Most

Many children at the age of 12 dream of being famous athletes, rock stars or doctors, but Brad Most, BJ ’82, dreamed of working in advertising. His interest was first sparked in sixth grade when a guest speaker spoke to his class about the making of a Rice Krispies commercial. He became hooked on advertising. … Continued

Rebecca Norris

For Rebecca Norris, BJ ’07, MA ’08, a day at the office revolves around something she loves: people. Norris has a knack for making connections with others, whether she’s building relationships with colleagues or understanding consumers’ bonds with brands. “I’ve always just really enjoyed people, and so the idea of centering my career around what … Continued

Lincoln Stephens

It would be easy to mistake Lincoln Stephens, BJ ’03, for another young alumni visiting the MU campus if not for the abnormally long line of students fervently waiting to meet him in the auditorium. Stephens stands at the front of the room, greeting each person with a warm smile and gracious handshake. His vibrant … Continued

Greg Wagner

What do you do? I teach advertising and direct marketing internships in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. I also write screenplays and serve as an advertising consultant. You worked as a creative director for 30-plus years. What are some highlights? I retired as a group creative director at Leo Burnett … Continued

Jana Shortal

No one knows more than Jana Shortal, BJ ’00, the value of having someone believe in you. From her days in the Missouri School of Journalism through critical turning points of her career as a broadcast journalist, various people have stepped in at different times to encourage and mentor her. Their efforts ultimately have shaped the trajectory of her life and career.