Peter Mayer

What do you do? Chairman of the board of Peter A. Mayer Advertising, Inc. in New Orleans, Louisiana. Actually semi-retired. How did you get your job? Survival. What is the best professional lesson you learned at the J-School? Show up when you have an assignment. What advice do you have for current students? Get as … Continued

John Lesser

John Lesser, BJ ’50, has spent over 60 successful years in the advertising and promotions field, serving major corporate clients such as Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic and Olympus Optical, just to name a few. Now focused on just one client with the consultative agency he founded in 1971, John Lesser and Associates, Lesser took time to … Continued

Robert S. Leaf

Growing up in New York, N.Y., Robert S. Leaf, known as Bob, never imagined that he would embark on a career that would lead him to travel the world and be in charge of establishing worldwide strategy for the PR firm that was to become the largest in the world. “I never pictured myself living … Continued

Larre Johnson

What do you do, and what is most interesting about it? I own an ad agency called Big Honkin’ Ideas. Running your own shop is like herding cats. Very challenging, very satisfying. But you know who’s responsible for the successes and failures. I like the clarity of that. How did you come to own your … Continued

John D. Graham

What is a typical day for you? My day to day varies a great deal. I travel a lot. If I were to go to New York, I would be meeting with one of our key clients, perhaps talking about some of the work we’re doing for them and some of the opportunities and challenges … Continued

Jan Hoth Fogarty

What do you do? My career has been pretty exciting since graduating now (gasp) eight years ago?! I worked at VML from 2003-2006, then did a stint in pharmaceutical sales for a year until I was recruited to work for Handmark, a mobile media company based in Kansas City, by an old boss of mine … Continued

Amy Bannister DiGiacomo

What do you do? I’m in charge of the marketing and public relations for a 140-bed hospital outside of Charleston, S.C. How did you get your job? My husband and I wanted to move to S.C. to be closer to family, so I posted my resume on Monster, CareerBuilder, and a number of marketing and … Continued

Walt Denny

What career steps did you take before opening your own ad agency? I started as a copywriter for Western Auto Supply at their home office in Kansas City. I worked there for three years before going to a mid-size agency, Barkley & Evergreen, also in Kansas City. There, I worked as a copywriter and worked … Continued

Ryan B. Cummings

What do you do? I am the design manager at a national association. My main responsibility is the production of a monthly magazine, PAYTECH. My husband and I moved to my hometown in 2005 and I’ve worked at the American Payroll Association since 2006. Best professional lesson learned at J-School? Your portfolio must be perfect! … Continued

Jon Cook

Jon Cook, BJ ’93, named CEO and President of VML, Inc., a global digital marketing agency.