Dive into the world of strategic communication. Learn what it takes to put together creative, research-based advertising and public relations campaigns for a client.

MUJW Advertising and Public Relations Workshop

This intensive workshop is meant to give students a taste of modern advertising agency life, the roles they may pursue within the field in the future, the challenges professional communicators face creating effective and meaningful campaign work for modern clients, and the fun that can be had solving those challenges. Students will walk away from the experience knowing how each individual role within a modern agency contributes to the final product, what it’s like to work with peers to solve creative problems, and with a final product that can be used as a potential portfolio piece.

Workshop Description

In one short, action-packed week, students will learn the ins-and-outs of a career path in strategic communication through hands-on projects led by industry experts and thought leaders.

Using the Missouri Method of learning-by-doing, students will be busy exploring how creative production, copywriting, design, public relations, and project management work to solve the complex communication needs of major modern brands. Students will gain insight and expert knowledge through presentations given by experts working in the field on top brands at top national agencies. Projects will be guided by those same professionals and stress the importance of working together to create a single, clear, and engaging piece of creative communication based on strategic insights.

The workshop will feature a combination of engaging presentations, question-and-answer sessions with visiting experts, field exercises, group project work, and personal exploration and reflection. The workshop concludes with a final presentation of the student work.