Missouri Journalism Faculty, Students and Alumni Earn 19 Top Paper Awards for Peer-Reviewed Research

Columbia, Mo. (Aug. 14, 2012) — Missouri School of Journalism faculty, students and alumni received a total of 19 top awards for peer-reviewed papers at the centennial convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. The high honors were earned in 12 of AEJMC’s divisions, interest groups and commissions.

AEJMC 2012Approximately 2,500 mass media and journalism researchers gathered recently in Chicago, the site of the organization’s first meeting in 1912.

The meeting brings the world’s leading mass media and journalism researchers together each year. Founded in 1912, AEJMC is an international nonprofit organization composed of more than 4,000 faculty, students and administrators at journalism and mass communication schools from 32 different countries.

The award-winning faculty, student and alumni papers were:

Advertising Division

    • Third Place Paper. Between “Likes” and “Shares”: Effects of Emotional Appeal and Virality of Social Marketing Messages on Facebook by Saleem Alhabash, MA ’08, PhD ’11, Anna McAlister, Elizabeth Taylor Quilliam, Amy Hagerstrom, Shupei Yuan, Nora Rifon and Jef Richards, Michigan State.

Commission on the Status of Women

    • First Place: Student-Faculty Collaboration Paper. How Female and Male J/MC Authors Perceive the Journal Peer Review Process: Differently by Brendan R. Watson, MA ’08, Minnesota-Twin Cities, and Daniel Riffe, North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
    • Second Place Faculty Paper. “Catfights” Under the Male Gaze: Framing of the 2010 U.S. House Race Between Kristi Noem and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin by Miglena Sternadori, MA ’05, PhD ’08, South Dakota.

Communicating Science, Health, Environment, Risk Division

    • First Place Faculty Paper. Resistance, Ethnicity and Health: Designing Messages that Reduce Reactance for Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Diabetics by Liz Gardner, PhD ’10, Texas Tech.
    • Third Place Faculty Paper. Use of Social Media by U.S. Hospitals: Benefits and Challenges by Petya Eckler, MA ’05, PhD ’10, Rauf Arif, Erin O’Gara, Iowa.

Community Journalism Interest Group

    • Top Faculty Paper. Undocumented Workers and Immigration Reform: Thematic vs. Episodic Coverage in a Rural Kansas Community Daily by Michael Fuhlhage, MA ’07, Auburn.

History Division

    • Third Place Faculty Paper. A New York Tribune Reporter’s Correspondence, Captivity, and Escape During the American Civil War by Michael Fuhlhage, MA ’07, Auburn.

International Communication Division

    • Two Awards: Ecquid Novi African Journalism Studies Award for the Best Journalism Research Paper and the Bob Stevenson Top Paper Competition Award. High Drama on the High Seas: Peace vs. War Journalism Framing of the Mavi Marmara Incident by Britain Eakin and Shahira Fahmy, PhD ’03, Arizona.
    • Third Place Paper. How They Cover the World: A Comparison of News Predictors for The Associated Press, The New York Times and Reuters by Beverly Horvit, MA ’96, PhD ’99, Peter Gade, PhD ’99, Liz Lance, MA ’11, and Youn-Joo Park, MA ’11.

Magazine Division

    • Top Faculty Paper. Comparing Health Messages in Magazines: Journalistic Elements and Their Connection to Health Literacy and Numeracy by María Len-Ríos, PhD ’02, and Amanda Hinnant, MA ’99.

Mass Communication and Society Division

    • Second Place Student Paper. Explicating the Concept of Journalist: How Scholars, Legal Experts and the Industry Define Who Is and Who Isn’t by Edson Tandoc and Jonathan Peters.
    • Third Place Faculty Paper. Online Deliberation of the Scientific Evidence for Breastfeeding: A Mixed-Method Analysis Using the Integrative Model for Behavioral Prediction by María Len-Ríos, PhD ’02, Manu Bhandari, MA ’10, and Yulia Medvedeva, MA ’08.
    • Fourth Place Faculty Paper. Why Share in the Social Media Sphere: An Integration of Uses and Gratification and Theory of Reasoned Action by Chang-Dae Ham, PhD ’11, Illinois-Urbana Champaign, and Joonghwa Lee, PhD ’12, Middle Tennessee State.
    • Fourth Place Student Paper. Gates Wide Open: A Systematic Review of Gatekeeping Research by Edson Tandoc and Patrick Ferrucci.

Media Ethics Division

    • First Place, Carol Burnett Graduate Student Research Paper Award. Journalism Enhanced by Argumentation, Informal Logic, and Critical Thinking by David Herrera, MA ’11.

Newspaper and Online Division

    • Winner, Top Open Division Paper Award. Conversational Journalism in Practice: A Case Study of The Seattle Times’ 2010 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Breaking News Reporting by Doreen Marchionni, PhD ’09, Pacific Lutheran.

Public Relations Division

    • Second Place Faculty Award. Keeping It Real: Exploring the Roles of Conversational Human Voice and Source Credibility in Crisis Communication via Social Media by Hyojung Park, PhD ’11, San Diego State, and Glen Cameron.

Sports Communication Interest Group

    • Top Faculty Paper. Beyond Getting Your Bell Rung: Framing of Sport-Related Concussion Coverage Between 2007 and 2012 by Lesa Major, Matthew Zimmerman, MA ’08, and Lauren Burch, Indiana.

Updated: June 10, 2020

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