Resources for Doctoral Students

Dedicated research centers, headquarters of leading journalism organizations, the Reynolds Journalism Institute, community-focused newsrooms, strategic communication agencies and more provide unparalleled and extensive resources for your graduate study. This section provides an overview of these resources.

Career Resources

The resources in this section are intended to give doctoral students some examples of how others have developed their curriculum vitae, research program statements and teaching philosophy. [More]

Doctoral Student Communication

The school uses a variety of methods to keep you informed on events and activities that concern you.

Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute works with citizens, journalists and researchers to strengthen democracy through better journalism. [More]

Financial Resources

Doctoral students have access to a variety of financial resources through the MU Graduate School and the School of Journalism. Learn more about these opportunities in this section. [More]


The forms that doctoral students need to file at appropriate times in their program are available here. [More]

Graduate Student Organizations

Three organizations help graduate students connect with one another at the school and on campus for professional development, special programs and scholarly collaborations. [More]


The Frank Lee Martin Journalism Library and Ellis Library, the principal resources for research in the humanities, the social sciences and sciences on the university campus, provides extensive resources for graduate students.  The Freedom of Information Center is the most comprehensive FOI library in the world, with a collection of more than 1 million articles and documents about access to information at the state, federal and local levels. [More]

Policies and Procedures

The Missouri School of Journalism adheres to policies and procedures established by the University of Missouri, the MU Graduate School and those set by the Missouri School of Journalism and its faculties. [More]

Professional Organizations at the School

One thing that makes Missouri special is its close ties to the industries it serves. Working journalists take regular advantage of special facilities we operate and the professional organizations housed at the school.

Research Centers

Three centers dedicated to research enhance the productive research environment at the school. [More]

Written/Oral Exam Preparation

Research theories and models, methodology, situational analysis and curriculum development are the areas covered in this section. [More]