J-Cool Event to Promote an Identity of Inclusivity and Respect at Mizzou and Beyond

Columbia, Mo. (May 16, 2017) — The second J-Cool event took place on Wednesday, May 3, in the Palmer Room. This event was created by the Events and Promotions class to encourage a welcoming and respectful community in the J-School and at Mizzou.

The J-Cool campaign seeks to encourage a thoughtful, respectful and open-minded attitude in students at the J-School. The goal of the event was to create a new identity for the J-School where students are known for being respectful, open-minded, thoughtful and welcoming. The idea is to encourage these specific values so students will foster a positive and friendly culture during their time at Mizzou and beyond.

“This event was successful because it gave students and faculty an opportunity to interact and talk about community in the School of Journalism,” said Tanya Heath, who taught the Events and Promotions class this spring with Melanie Forrest. “With free food, an art station, a relaxation station and more, through this simple event we can ensure as members of the J-School that we are rooting each other on – rather than being unsure and isolated.”

The Events and Promotions class created this campaign not only with the current J-School in mind, but also with the country and world our students will be working in once they graduate. The hope is to instill these values within students now so they will stay with them into the working world.

The potential longevity of this campaign inspired many former members of the J-School and the dean to contribute to the event.

Dean Kurpius has been instrumental in the execution of the event, and his support helped make it the success it was,” Heath said. “Recent graduates also had the chance to be involved by financially supporting the event through online donations. As former members of the J-School, many were satisfied knowing they had a hand in shaping the future of the J-School through J-Cool.”

Students who attended were able to de-stress for their upcoming finals next week by coloring with their peers, taking advantage of a massage station and snacking on a donut hole. There were also free J-Cool coasters and a board where students could sign and pledge to be more welcoming and open-minded to all students.

The students who created and executed the J-Cool campaign in the class are:

  • Jasmyn Barr
  • Hailey Brown
  • Neeti Butala
  • Devan Collins
  • Erika Fletcher
  • Morgan Gunnels
  • Jessica Hawkins
  • Natalie Jensen
  • Melissa Lavin
  • Rebecca Mardikes
  • Mackenzie Mock
  • Savannah Mudd
  • Gina Struttmann

Updated: October 22, 2020

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