Cristina Mislán

Associate Professor


B.S. in English and Psychology, Louisiana State University
M.A. in Journalism, Louisiana State University
Ph.D. in Media Studies, Pennsylvania State University

Areas of Expertise
  • Gender Studies
  • Inclusion, Diversity and Equity
  • International News
  • Media History
  • Race and Ethnic Studies

CRISTINA MISLÁN is an associate professor of journalism studies in the Missouri School of Journalism, where she teaches courses in cross-cultural journalism, gender and media, qualitative research methods, and critical theory.

Mislán’s research focuses on areas of media history, critical/cultural studies, and transnational/globalization studies. She draws on critical/cultural studies to examine how various forms of alternative media have influenced national and transnational dialogues around race, class, and gender politics. Some of her current work also examines media representation, particularly as it relates to race and gender identities.

Mislán has published in several journals, including Social Movement Studies, International Journal of Communication, Feminist Media Studies and Communication, Culture, and Critique. Her research has won a number of awards from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) and the American Journalism Historians Association (AJHA).

Mislán holds bachelor’s degree in English and psychology as well as a master’s degree in journalism from Louisiana State University. She received her doctoral degree in media studies with a minor in Latin American Graduate Studies at Pennsylvania State University.


  • Cindy Brinkley Faculty Fellow, Reynolds Faculty Fellowships, Missouri School of Journalism, 2021.  
  • 2020 Provost Faculty Service Award, University of Missouri, Columbia. Award of $1000. 
  • Top Paper Award in the division of Ethnicity and Race in Communication at International Communication Association 2020 for “Talking Back to the Wall: Mexico’s Counter-Discourses Against Walls in the United States and Israel.” 
  • 2019 Provost Outstanding Junior Faculty Research and Creative Activity Award, University of Missouri, Columbia, 2019. Award of $1000.
  • Rising Scholar Award, Awarded by the American Journalism Historians Association (AJHA), 2019. Award of $2000.
  • William Randolph Hearst Faculty Fellow Grant, Awarded by Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2019.
  • 2016 J. William Snorgrass Memorial Award for the Outstanding Paper on a Minorities Topic at the American Journalism Historians Association.
  • 2016 Honorable Mention for Top Paper Award at the American Journalism Historians Association.
  • 2016 Third Place Faculty Award for the Critical/Cultural Studies Division at Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • 2013 Honorable Mention for Outstanding Paper on a Minorities Topic/American Journalism Historians Association.
  • 2013 Top Student Paper Award for the International Communication Division/Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • 2011 Honorable Mention for Outstanding Student Paper/American Journalism Historians Association.
  • 2010 Third Place Student Paper for the Minorities and Communications Division/Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • 2009 J. William Snorgrass Memorial Award for the Outstanding Paper on a Minorities Topic/American Journalism Historian’s Association.

Books in Progress 

  • Mislan, C. Fugitive Possibilities: Black Writers and Cuba after the Revolution
  • Mislan, C. Living and Dying in Sacrifice Zones: Climate Blues in Southern Louisiana and Puerto Rico.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  • Cabas, A., Shaban, S, & Mislan, C. (Forthcoming). Talking Back to the Wall: Problematizing Transnational Media and Counterpublics in Border Politics. Global Media and Communication.  Grant, R., & Mislan, C. (2020). “‘Improving the Race’: The Discourse of Science and Eugenics in Local News Coverage, 1905-1922.” American Journalism
  • Dache-Gerbino, A., Haywood, J.M. and Mislan, C. (2019). A Badge of Honor Not Shame: An AfroLatinx Theory of Black-imiento for U.S. Higher Education Research. Journal of Negro Education 88(2), 130-145.
  • Mislan, C., and Shaban, S. (2019). “To Ferguson, Love Palestine”: Mediating Life Under Occupation. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, DOI: 10.1080/14791420.2019.1594325.
  • Mislan, C. and Dache-Gerbino, A. (2018). The Struggle for ‘Our Streets’: The Digital and Spatial Politics of #Ferguson. Social Movement Studies 17(6), 676-696, DOI: 10.1080/14742837.2018.1533810.
  • Mislan, C. and Dache-Gerbino, A. (2018). Not a Twitter Revolution: Anti-Neoliberal and Antiracist Resistance in the Ferguson Movement. International Journal of Communication, 12, 2622-2640.
  • Mislan, C., and Ashley, R. (2018). Black(er)face and Post-Racialism: Employing Racial Difference and ‘Progressive’ Primitivism Online. Communication, Culture and Critique 11(2), 247–264, DOI: 10.1093/ccc/tcy007.
  • Mislan, C., Grant, Rachel, and Broussard, J. (2017). ‘Larger than Life’: Celebrity Journalism, Gender and Black Politics in Fay M. Jackson’s Hollywood Adventures, 1933-1935. Celebrity Studies 9, (1), 1-16, DOI: 10.1080/19392397.2017.1316211.
  • Mislan, C. (2016). The Imperial ‘We’: Struggling for Nationhood, Citizenship, and Global War in Claudia Jones’ Weekly Review Editorials, 1938-1943. Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism 18(10), 1415-1430, DOI: 10.1177/1464884916664109.
  • Mislan, C. (2016). Claudia Jones Speaks to “Half the World”: Gendering Cold War Politics in the Daily Worker, 1950-1953. Feminist Media Studies 17(2), 281-296, DOI: 10.1080/14680777.2016.1178657.
  • Mislan, C. (2015). ‘In the Spirit of ’76 Venceremos!’: Nationalizing and Transnationalizing Self-Defense on Radio Free Dixie. American Journalism 32(4), 434-452, DOI: 10.1080/08821127.2015.1099265.
  • Mislan, C. (2015). On Writing in Exile: Absolving and Implicating Cuba and China in Robert F. Williams’ Crusader. Journalism Studies 17(6), 781-797, DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2015.1006902.
  • Mislan, C. (2014). From Latin America to Africa: Defining the “World Revolution” in the Black Panther Newspaper. Howard Journal of Communications 25 (2), 211-230, DOI: 10.1080/10646175.2014.894400.
  • Mislan, C. (2013). An ‘Obedient Servant’: Internationalizing and Capitalizing on Blackness in Marcus Garvey’s Negro World. Journalism History 39, 115-125.
  • Elavsky, C.M., Mislan, C., and Elavsky, S. (2011). When Saying Less is More: Exploring Outcomes of Twitter Usage in the Large-Lecture Hall. Learning, Media and Technology 36, 215-233.

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