Missouri School of Journalism researchers featured in International Communication Association conference in Paris

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Columbia, Mo. (Jan. 31, 2022) — Several researchers at the Missouri School of Journalism have had papers accepted to the 2022 International Communication Association conference (ICA), to be held this May in Paris, France. The ICA claims more than 6,000 members from 80 countries, and the 72nd annual conference will center around the theme, One World, One Network.

“It’s great to see our school represented at the international level by our talented faculty and graduate students,” said David Kurpius, dean of the School of Journalism. “Not only is this conference and endorsement of their skills, but it also reaffirms the role of journalism and strategic communication in creating solutions for the world’s problems.”

Amanda Hinnant, Sungkyoung Lee, Brett Johnson, Monique Luisi, Zach Massey, Cristina Mislán, Jeannette Porter, Ryan Thomas and Yong Volz will have work presented at the conference. Dealing with topics ranging such health communication and vaccine messaging, texting and driving, and diversity and inclusion — to name only a few — the researchers and their graduate students will present papers before an international audience of communication professionals and academics.

“The quality and quantity of the research produced by our faculty and students is impressive, but not surprising,” said Earnest Perry, associate dean for graduate studies and research at the School of Journalism. “It is what we do, what we have always done. What stands out is that our researchers are tackling issues that address the problems we face today and into the future. I’m excited that they will be able to share that knowledge at ICA.”

Held May 26-30, the conference is the flagship event for the ICA, which also publishes five peer-reviewed academic journals and is an official United Nations non-governmental organization (NGO). In keeping with the organization’s worldwide scope, the conference will also feature 11 regional hubs across three continents.

Below are the papers that will be presented at the conference (faculty names are in bold):

  • Bessarabova, E., & Massey, Z. B. (May 2022), “The effects of death awareness and reactance on texting-and-driving prevention.”
  • Boman, Courtney D.; Kirkpatrick, Ciera; Lee, Sungkyoung; Hinnant, Amanda. “Testing the Combined Effects of Temporal Distance and Loss/Gain Framing on Health Topics.” 
  • Duong, H. T., Massey, Z. B., Churchill, V., & Popova, L. (May 2022), “Are smokers scared by COVID-19 risk? How fear and comparative optimism influence smokers’ intentions to take measures to quit smoking.”
  • Hong, Yoorim; Lee, Namyeon; Hu, Sisi; Kirkpatrick, Ciera; Lee, Sungkyoung; Hinnant, Amanda. “Effects of Framing and Visuals in COVID-19 Vaccination Messages: Race and Vaccine Status as Moderators.” 
  • Khanom, Asma and Johnson, Brett. “A Decade in Comparative Communication Law Research: Observations, Trends, and Suggestions for Future Trajectories.”
  • Kirkpatrick, Ciera; Hu, Sisi; Lee, Namyeon; Hong, Yoorim; Lee, Sungkyoung; Hinnant, Amanda. “Overcoming Black Americans’ Psychological and Cognitive Barriers to Clinical Trial Participation: Effects of News Framing and Exemplars.” 
  • Luisi, M., & Warner, B. (2022). “Is it something more? Socio-demographics, partisanship, and trust in elite institutions/media as predictors of COVID-19.”
  • Massey, Z. B., & Lee, S. K. (May 2022), “Examining social influence in a nonviolent ideological organization: An analysis of communication networks of a Vietnamese Buddhist meditation monastery.”
  • Mengyao Xu, Lingshu Hu, Amanda Hinnant. “Pseudo-Events: Tracking Mediatization With Machine Learning Over 40 Years.”
  • Mislán, Cristina. “‘We are Survivors’: Public Testimonials, Climate Disaster and Neoliberalism.”
  • Owsley, Chad. “Artificial Intelligence as Agent in Journalism: A Concept Explication.”
  • Porter, Jeannette; Jain, Parul; Comello, Nori; Francis, Diane. BLUE SKY WORKSHOP: Beyond Productivity: Writing Groups as Catalysts for Peer Mentorship and Collaboration Among Minority Faculty.”
  • Setiawati, Indah; “‘You are not alone.’ A discourse analysis of subjectivity in New York Times’ Parenting Newsletter.”
  • Thomas, Ryan; Bent, Elizabeth; Vox, Tim; Johnson, Brett; Bremer, Arthur. “Constructing journalism’s future(s): What journalism will (or ought to) become, according to its ideational entrepreneurs.”
  • Volz, Yong. “Redefining Journalistic Professionalism: Solidarity Activism, Pan-Ethnicity Politics, and the Case of the Asian American Journalists Association.”

Updated: February 4, 2022

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