2010 National City and Regional Magazine Awards Finalists

Contest Is Coordinated by the Missouri School of Journalism

The City and Regional Magazine Association
The City and Regional Magazine Association

Columbia, Mo. (March 11, 2010) — Magazine professionals from around the country chose 142 finalists representing 38 publications in the 25-year-old national City and Regional Magazine Association‘s awards competition. Magazines of varying circulations competed in 29 categories, including editorial, design, online and ancillary publications. Judges named five finalists in most categories and will choose one ultimate winner in each. The awards for work completed in 2009 will be announced at the CRMA 34th Annual Conference June 5-7 at the Westin Providence in Providence, R.I.

Topping the list with 10 or more nominations were Texas Monthly, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia magazines. Magazines with at least five nominations include 5280 (Denver), Atlanta, Berkshire Living, Boston, Cincinnati and Seattle Metropolitan. Indianapolis Monthly, Martha’s Vineyard, Portland Monthly and Washingtonian each received three. Judges also recognized a number of small and mid-size circulation publications such as Columbus Monthly, Hudson Valley, Memphis, Milwaukee, Rhode Island Monthly and St. Louis, each with two nominations, and Charlotte, Honolulu, Main Line Today, What’s Up Annapolis and 12 others, all with one.

This year’s editorial nominees covered topics such as:

  • high unemployment, crime and the ultimate economic collapse of a small southern town,
  • the murders of three policemen and a civilian near the California border, casualties of Mexico’s contemporary civil war,
  • how a man wrongly convicted of murder and now free struggles to find a new life,
  • how the most horrific sex ring in Texas history was really a fraud perpetrated by an unscrupulous individual,
  • what it took for a blind man to hike the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail and
  • how one outraged homeowner in a wealthy bedroom community rallied her neighbors and ultimately the authorities about environmental threats as she faced the health consequences of living in a contaminated home.

Other contenders focused on a broken 911 system, successful bilingual education, an overcrowded prison, what teens do when they are on their own, how a city deals with snow and other enterprise, feature and service stories.

More than 75 judges representing publications such as Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, The American Prospect, Body+Soul, Sports Illustrated, Good Housekeeping, Glamour, Taste of Home, Men’s Journal, Budget Travel, The New York Times, Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, ESPN The Magazine, The Washington Post, Outdoor Life, Men’s Journal, USA Weekend, Fitness and journalism professors from the Missouri School of Journalism selected the finalists.

The competition is open to members of CRMA and other city and regional magazines throughout North America that qualify. The contest is a 25-year-old national competition and has been coordinated by the Missouri School of Journalism on behalf of CRMA for the past 14 years.

The categories and finalists in alphabetical order are:

General Excellence III (Circulation above 60,000)

  • Boston Magazine
  • Chicago Magazine
  • Los Angeles Magazine
  • Philadelphia Magazine
  • Texas Monthly

General Excellence II (Circulation 30,000 to 60,000)

  • Cincinnati Magazine
  • Columbus Monthly
  • Indianapolis Monthly
  • Milwaukee Magazine
  • Portland Monthly

General Excellence I (Circulation less than 30,000)

  • Berkshire Living
  • Honolulu Magazine
  • Main Line Today
  • Martha’s Vineyard Magazine
  • Memphis Magazine

General Criticism

  • Berkshire Living, Seth Rogovoy:
    • “Didn’t It Blow Your Mind?”
    • “Mr. Bad Example”
    • “Freudian Hip”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, Tom Carson:
    • “Hustle and Flow”
    • “Once Is Enough”
    • “Behind the Curtain”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, Steve Erickson:
    • “The Next Frontier”
    • “War Games”
    • “No Ordinary Fad”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, Ariel Swartley:
    • “Blood And Wine”
    • “An Affair To Remember”
    • “Crash Course”
  • Texas Monthly, Christopher Kelly:
    • “We Shall Overreach”
    • “Angel Heart”
    • “Apocalypse Now”

Food or Dining Writing

  • Cincinnati Magazine, Donna Covrett
    • “It’s Bootsy’s, Baby”
    • “Hot! Hot! Hot!”
    • “To Hell and Back”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, Patric Kuh
    • “Border Crossing”
    • “Peru Calling”
    • “The Classic”
  • New Jersey Monthly, Eric Levin
    • “Something New Under the Bun”
    • “A Little Bit of Pluck”
    • “The Wizard of Zod”
  • Orange Coast Magazine, Gretchen Kurz
    • “Andrea”
    • “Geisha House”
    • “¡Gourmex!”
  • Seattle Metropolitan, Kathryn Robinson
    • “But Is It Art?”
    • “Swanky Days are Here Again”
    • “10 Best Restaurants 2009”


  • Chicago Magazine, Jeff Ruby:
    • “Becoming Chicago”
    • “Burgers Made Me Dumb”
    • “A Christmas Story”
  • Connecticut Magazine, Lary Bloom:
    • “Read All About It?”
    • “The Chairman and the Countess”
    • “Blackboard Justice”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, Anne Taylor Fleming:
    • “The Prodigal Man”
    • “Fallen Angel”
    • “Step into Liquid”
  • Seattle Metropolitan, Kathryn Robinson:
    • “Who’s Calling?”
    • “How Dry I Am”
    • “Bailouts for Buddies”
  • Seattle Metropolitan, Eric Scigliano:
    • “Indecent Appraisal”
    • “Gangland”
    • “Exit Mayor, Musing”


  • Atlanta Magazine, “The Good People of Dalton Would Like Jobs Now, Please” by Thomas Lake
  • San Diego Magazine, “The Border Trilogy: Blood of Their Brothers, All the Dead Heroes, Redeemed by Their Blood” by S.D. Liddick
  • Texas Monthly, “Across the Line” by Michael Hall
  • Texas Monthly, “An Isolated Incident” by Nate Blakeslee
  • Texas Monthly, “With God on Their Side” by Katy Vine

Personality Profile

  • Charlotte Magazine, “Blind Faith” by Jeremy Markovich
  • Indianapolis Monthly, “Free Man” by Tony Rehagen
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “Julius Shulman in 36 Exposures” by Mary Melton
  • Philadelphia Magazine, “Will This Doctor Hurt Your Baby?” by Jason Fagone
  • Texas Monthly, “Mike Leach is Thinking…” by S.C. Gwynne

Feature Story

  • Atlanta Magazine, “The Debtor” by Thomas Lake
  • Chicago Magazine, “A Mugging on Lake Street” by John Conroy
  • Portland Monthly, “The Last Days of My Left Breast” by Viva Las Vegas
  • Texas Monthly, “Children of the Storm” by Mimi Swartz
  • Texas Monthly, “Still Life” by Skip Hollandsworth

Writer of the Year

  • 5280 Magazine, Robert Sanchez
  • Atlanta Magazine, Thomas Lake
  • Chicago Magazine, Bryan Smith
  • Indianapolis Monthly, Tony Rehagen
  • Texas Monthly, Mimi Swartz

Excellence in Writing

  • Boston Magazine, November
  • Chicago Magazine, November
  • Philadelphia Magazine, June
  • Texas Monthly, September
  • Yankee Magazine, July/August

Spread Design

  • Atlanta Magazine, “Deep Freeze”
  • Chicago Magazine, “Trashed”
  • Philadelphia Magazine, “And Starring Michael Smerconish, as Himself”
  • Philadelphia Magazine, “Last Days of the French Chef”
  • Texas Monthly, “Ted or Alive”

Feature Design

  • Baltimore Magazine, “One Man’s Trash”
  • Cincinnati Magazine, “Welcome to the Outer Limits”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “Find it. Cook it. Eat it.”
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “The Best New Bars”
  • Texas Monthly, “The 50 Greatest Hamburgers in Texas”


  • Berkshire Living
  • Hudson Valley Magazine
  • Milwaukee Magazine
  • St. Louis Magazine

Photo Essay

  • 5280 Magazine, “The Forgotten Plains” by Jefferson Panis
  • Atlanta Magazine, “Arrested Development” by Andrea Fremiotti
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “Shadow Play” by Hugh Kretschmer
  • Sactown Magazine, “Tats Incredible!” by Jeremy Sykes
  • Texas Monthly, “Fear Factor” by Todd Hido


  • Boston Magazine, November
  • Cincinnati Magazine, July
  • D Magazine, March
  • Los Angeles Magazine, December
  • Texas Monthly, July

Designer of the Year

  • Cincinnati Magazine, Grace Saunders
  • Los Angeles Magazine, Lisa Lewis
  • Los Angeles Magazine, Steven Banks
  • Minnesota Monthly, Brian Johnson
  • Philadelphia Magazine, Andrew Zahn

Excellence in Design

  • Chicago Magazine, October
  • Cincinnati Magazine, July
  • Los Angeles Magazine, September
  • Philadelphia Magazine, December
  • Texas Monthly, July

Reader Service

  • 5280 Magazine, “Snow Business”
  • Atlanta Magazine, “Street Smarts”
  • Chicago Magazine, “Teen Confidential”
  • Chicago Magazine, “How to Deal with a Medical Crisis”
  • Seattle Metropolitan, “Adult Ed 101”

Leisure/Lifestyle Interests

  • Boston Magazine, “The Obsessive’s Guide to the 2009 Boston Red Sox”
  • Cincinnati Magazine, “Mmmm…Chili”
  • Columbus Monthly, “The Best Damn Tailgate Guide in the Land”
  • Martha’s Vineyard, “Spring’s Wild Edibles, Summer’s Wild Edibles, Fall’s Wild Edibles”
  • Texas Monthly, “Step Right Up”

Civic Journalism

  • Hudson Valley Magazine, “A Resident Outraged” by Greg Ryan
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “The War Within” by Louise Farr
  • Los Angeles Magazine, “Anatomy of a Prison” by Joe Domanick
  • Texas Monthly, “Dream of a Common Language” by Nate Blakeslee
  • Washingtonian Magazine, “Call 911! Trouble in the ER” by John Pekkanen

Special Issues

  • Boston Magazine, November
  • Chicago Magazine, July
  • Los Angeles Magazine, February
  • Portland Monthly, February
  • Texas Monthly, March

Ancillary Publications 1

  • Berkshire Living BBQ: Berkshire Business Quarterly
  • Berkshire Living: Berkshire Living Home+Garden
  • Evansville Living: Evansville City View
  • Inside Columbia: Inside Columbia’s CEO
  • Martha’s Vineyard Magazine: Home & Garden

Ancillary Publications 2

  • Boston Magazine, Boston Home
  • Boston Magazine, New England Travel
  • Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Home
  • Seattle Metropolitan, Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom
  • Washingtonian Magazine, Washingtonian Bride & Groom

Community Service Project

  • 5280 Magazine, Single in the City
  • Berkshire Living, The Rest of the Story
  • Cincinnati Magazine, Books by the Banks
  • Rhode Island Monthly, Best of Rhode Island ArtReach
  • St. Louis Magazine, FEVER Fall Fashion Show

Excellence Online

  • Atlanta Magazine, atlantamagazine.com
  • Chicago Magazine, chicagomag.com
  • Mpls. St.Paul Magazine, mspmag.com
  • Philadelphia Magazine, phillymag.com
  • Texas Monthly, texasmonthly.com

Blog Column

  • Chicago Magazine, Deal Estate by Dennis Rodkin
  • Memphis Magazine, Ask Vance by Vance Lauderdale
  • Mpls. St.Paul Magazine, Party Patrol by Maura Ryan and Erin Gulden
  • New Orleans Magazine, The Editor’s Room by Errol Laborde
  • Pittsburgh Magazine, Pulling No Punches by Sean Conboy


  • 5280 Magazine, Table Talk by Amanda Faison
  • Chicago Magazine, Dish by Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby
  • Chicago Magazine, Chicago Guide by Jennifer Wehunt
  • Philadelphia Magazine, The Weekender by Victor Fiorillo
  • Rhode Island Monthly, The Dish by Jenna Pelletier


  • Washingtonian Magazine
  • What’s Up? Annapolis
  • Yankee Magazine

For more information, contact Contest Coordinator Kimberly Townlain, Missouri School of Journalism, 320 Lee Hills Hall, Columbia, MO 65211, phone 573-884-1869.

Updated: May 7, 2020

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