MOJO Ad Announces New Staff and Client: Dairy Queen

Columbia, Mo. (Sept. 26, 2017) — The Missouri School of Journalism’s premiere student-staffed, professional advertising agency announced its client for the 2017-18 academic year – Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen is a well-established, national brand that has been providing consumers with satisfying treats and food since 1940. Based in Minneapolis, Dairy Queen has more than 6,700 locations in the United States, Canada and more than 25 other countries.

The partnership between MOJO Ad and Dairy Queen will prove beneficial to both parties by providing Dairy Queen with a well-researched and strategic national campaign targeted to the youth and young adult (YAYA) market as well as giving the students of MOJO Ad an opportunity to work with a national brand while still in college.

Dairy Queen won’t be the only focus for the 33 new MOJO Ad staffers this year. They will also be working on various projects including the State of the YAYA report, 2018 Strategic Communication Career Fair and promotion of the MOJO Ad brand.

“Dairy Queen is an iconic American brand,” said Jamie Flink, associate professor and co-director of MOJO Ad. “Historically, their customers grew up with a local Dairy Queen. They have fond memories of gathering with friends after Little League games. It will be interesting to see what research reveals about a younger demographic that may, or may not have that same experience. Our staff is up to the challenge. They’re incredibly bright and insanely passionate – which makes my job a lot of fun.”

Strategic communication students making up the new MOJO Ad staff are:

  • Mackenzie Altvater, Copywriter
  • Phil Beck, Digital Strategist
  • Elizabeth Berg, PR Account Executive
  • Kelsey Castulik, Researcher
  • Miranda Cowan, Copywriter
  • Jesse Cunningham, Art Director
  • Sophia Cygnarowicz, Digital Strategist
  • Harry DeGrood, Content Manager
  • Ric Dickens, Media Planner
  • Anna Domitrz, Media Planner
  • Brittany Emond, Video/Producer
  • Maxwell Goldner, Account Planner
  • Delaney La Fon, Account Planner
  • Dun Li, Researcher
  • Kirsten Leimkuehler, Video/Producer
  • Hannah Linsky, Art Director
  • Adrienne Luther, Graphic Designer
  • Jennifer Manning, Digital Strategist
  • Max Mitchem, Graphic Designer
  • Jennifer Ott, Account Executive
  • Emily Pagano, PR Account Executive
  • Keena Patel, PR Account Executive
  • Rachel Radecki, Account Executive
  • Cameron Rolf, Graphic Designer
  • Danny Rosenberg, Copywriter
  • Zak Sandeman, Account Planner
  • Allison Scott, Content Manager
  • Jacob Shipley, Video/Producer
  • Nathan Snodgrass, Media Planner
  • Madison Stanze, Account Executive
  • Madeleine Sutherland, Researcher
  • Accashia Thomas, Art Director
  • Hanna Yowell, Content Manager

Updated: October 23, 2020

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